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Hello World and dwellers of Midgard, as you can see, my name is Sean O'Mahoney, I am 20-years-old and am a passionate Computer Scientist, studying so at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Below are various examples of my experinces, although I am always happy to be involved in more projects and I will try to take up every opportunity that I am offered.

Networking Events

Here is an ordered list of Networking Events I have been to, to avoid having to update it as frequent, I will places events I intent to attend, although if I do not attend them, I will remove them (since I would have have been to them).


  1. "Implmenting Infrastructure as Code. Sponsored by CoOp and ThoughtWorks" - CoOp Auditorium (28th Sept 2016)
  2. "HackerNest Manchester October Tech Social" - (10th Oct 2016)
  3. "Caketober" - 19 Spring Gardens (12th Oct 2016)
  4. "Manchester Machine Learning and Pizzaby" - SpacePortX (8th Nov 2016)
  5. "Join us in Manchester for a morning in the cloudsby Exponential-e" - Cloud 23 (9th Nov 2016)
  6. "The Algorithmic Economy" - (7th Dec 2016)
  7. "HackerNest Manchester January Tech Social" - SpacePortX (23rd Jan 2017)
  8. "Birthday Meetup: Emotion in UX Design" - AutoTrader (25th Jan 2017)
  9. "Social Network Analysis and Visualization with Neo4j" - ThoughtWorks Manchester (1st Feb 2017)
  10. "digital NORTH returns to Manchester!" - 19 Spring Gardens (9th Feb 2017)
  11. "Talent Day 2017" - Town Hall (15th Feb 2017)
  12. "Intro to The Technological Singularity" - AutoTrader (23rd Feb 2017)
  13. "HackerNest Manchester February Tech Social" - SpacePortX (27th Feb 2017)
  14. "Building graph applications with Neo4j, React, NodeJS, and GraphQL" - ThoughtWorks Manchester (1st Mar 2017)
  15. "TravelSpirit Hackout - Manchester" - The Shed, M1 5GE (17-19th Mar 2017)
  16. "March Meetup - Guest Speaker from Amazon!" - MadLab (20th Mar 2017)
  17. "In The City Club Manchester" - Renaissance Hotel (30th Mar 2017)
  18. "Tech for Good- VR" - OGS Works (22nd Mar 2017)
  19. "The UX of TV platforms at the BBC" - Valtech (5th Apr 2017)
  20. "Rise to the Challenge - Blockchain" - Rise Manchester (6th Apr 2017)
  21. "Ladies that UX Manchester - April Lightning Talks" - (18th Apr 2017)
  22. "Silicon Drinkabout Manchester - April 2017" - Steamhaus (21st Apr 2017)
  23. "HackerNest Manchester April Tech Social" - SpacePortX (24th Apr 2017)
  24. "4th Birthday Kata" - MadLab (27th Apr 2017)
  25. "CreativeNetworking" - Jutah Studios (2nd May 2017)
  26. "Hands On Neo4j: Exploring Buzzfeed's TrumpWorld dataset" - ThoughtWorks Manchester (3rd May 2017)
  27. "NUX Manchester – 8 May 2017 – Under The Bonnet" - (8th May 2017)
  28. "MancML" - Auto Trader UK (11th May 2017)
  29. "Ladies that UX Manchester - May event - the next chapter" - Chapter One Books (16th May 2017)
  30. "Artificial Interactions: How will AI impact future interaction design?" - AutoTrader (25th May 2017)
  31. "HackerNest Manchester May Tech Social" - MADLAB (30th May 2017)
  32. "Future of Software Testing; AI, IoT, Human-Machine Interactions and more" - ThoughtWorks Manchester (6th June 2017)
  33. "UX in the Games Industry" - Valtech (14th June 2017)
  34. "North West IT Crowd Beer & BBQ Event" - Dukes 92 (15th June 2017)
  35. "DrinkaboutMCR - June's Event sponsored by Accelerate Places" - Accelerate Places (23rd June 2017)
  36. "HackerNest Manchester June Tech Social" - Accelerate Places (26th June 2017)
  37. "Tech for Good 13 - Education Technology" - HYPER ISLAND (28th June 2017)
  38. "Java 9" - Auto Trader (29th June 2017)
  39. "#homelesshack" - Valtech UK (30th June - 1st July 2017)
  40. "July 2017 — Manchester React User Group" - MADLAB (4th July 2017)
  41. "The UX Crunch North MEETS SAGE" - Sage (UK) Ltd, Salford Quays (25th July 2017)
  42. "AI and Chatbots for good (rather than world destruction)" - Twenty OSG Works (26th July 2017)
  43. "Northern Links Networking" - Black Dog Ballroom, 52 Church Street (3rd Aug 2017)
  44. "The Landing Technology and Business Networking Huddle" - Launch @ The Landing (15th Aug 2017)
  45. "Diversity, in its many forms" - Auto Trader UK (15th Aug 2017)
  46. "Title" - Place (15th Aug 2017)
  47. "Look at some awesome Bots, of course!" - Launch (24th Aug 2017)
  48. "Challenges of a New UX Role" - Valtech (30th Aug 2017)
  49. "HackerNest Manchester Belated August Tech Social" - SpacePortX (4th Sept 2017)
  50. "Cyber Security (BCS)" - Manchester Metropolitan University Business School (11th Sept 2017)
  51. "Cows, Sheep and Goats. How The Blockchain Will Change The World Forever......" - The Old Monkey (12th Sept 2017)
  52. "Kotlin in Android" - MadLab (16th Oct 2017)
  53. "MMU - Meet The Meet Ups" - The Shed (17th Oct 2017)
  54. "Silicon Drinkabout - October 2017" - The Federation (20th Oct 2017)
  55. "HackerNest Manchester October Tech Social" - SpacePortX (23rd Oct 2017)
  56. "Ladies that UX October - getting into UX panel" - Thoughtworks (24th Oct 2017)
  57. "Codes before Hoes: Talking Gender in Tech" - Code Computerlove (26th Oct 2017)
  58. "Let's talk about CodeYourFuture Manchester" - Federation House (2nd Nov 2017)
  59. "Manchester R Meetup" - HOME (9th Nov 2017)
  60. "CodeUp Manchester November Monthly Session" - Code Computer Love (13th Nov 2017)
  61. "The Federation Launch" - The Federation (21st Nov 2017)
  62. "Dan Hett: Dan++" - AutoTrader (21st Nov 2017)
  63. "Building an Awesome Culture" - Madlab (29th Nov 2017)


Manchester Metropolitan University

September 2016 – April 2019

Computer Science (G401) BSc: Current

First Year Results (79%)

Computer Systems Fundamentals: 72%

Information Systems: 68%

Introduction to Web Design and Development: 82%

Programming: 95%

The Union / Societies Roles (3)

Socities Council Academic Rep
Computing Society (Social Media Manager)
Photography Society (Chair)

Humanity Hallows (Freelance Work for the Official Student Magazine)


The Gin Society Returns to Manchester Cathedral


Mike Garry Performance

Play Expo 2017 Brings Biggest Ever Gaming Event to Manchester

10 Historic Gems of Manchester

Other Roles (2)

Peer Mentor
2nd Year Computer Science Rep

Extra-Curricular Award (7 @ 50hrs)

"Intro to Android Programming": 10 hours
"C++ Programming: Intro": 9 hours
"Building 3D Models": 3 hours
"Web Mapping: Intro": 3 hours
"Internet of Things: Building Smart Environments": 10 hours
"MATLAB® for Scientists & Engineers / Research": 10 hours
"Intro to Node-Red": 5 hours

Pendleton Sixth Form Centre (Edexcel)

October 2014 – June 2016

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT Software Development (QCF): D*D*D*
First Language English (Cambridge): C

Southport College (Edexcel)

September 2013 – June 2014

BTEC ICT Level 2 Diploma: Distinction*

Pontville School (GCSEs)

September 2008 – July 2013

ICT Level 2 (OCR): Pass
Mathematics’ A (OCR): B
Art & Design: (OCR): C
Photography (OCR): C
Home Economics (WJEC): D


GM (Game Monitor)

December 2014 – April 2015

I logged into the "Age of Warring Empire" game daily and went on multiple servers to help players with their issues, as well as gathered feedback. This help me develop my soft skills more, communicating with players and solving their issues in a professional manner.

Jack Lyon ( Designer

July 2015 – Present

I am in charge of creating various posters, tickets and other such graphical work needed for Jack Lyon (the ventriloquist) as well as manage his site.

Daily Manchester (

June 2015 – October 2017

I was in charge of the website (admin) and managing it, also writing various posts on a variety of subjects while maintaining good SEO.

Google Digital Garage

September 2016

Google's Digital Garage is a certificate which is awarded after completing 23 different modules, encompasing different aspects of the digital marketing world.



Manchester Tech Meetups

December 2017 – Ongoing

This is a project which collects the groups from the RESTful Meetup API, displaying them along with their events (amongst other functionality).

Woven Memories

October 2017

I was approached by a PhD student who was forwarded to me to complete a project, where I had a deadline of a week to develop this prototype.


TravelSpirit: TAPIT (2nd)

March 2017

Cards are not readily available on hand, are cumbersome the more collected and can easily get lost, with TAPIT, we hope to solve that, providing a more convenient and quicker experience.

LinkedIn SlideShare

HomelessHack: Stop the Spiral (Winners)

June 2017

Based on a model that merges Air BnB with foster care, the system would match people in need with those who show empathy, ideally before they become homeless.

Manchester Evening News Article
Catherine Heath's Blog Post (Team Member)

Workshops/Masterclasses Attended

Future Artists - VR Arts Lab 2: Pink RaVE

17th - 19th November 2017

Production groups will either make a game, or create a piece of virtual reality cinema – using parts of the book, Ready Player One, as inspiration to create their own narratives. The lab also encourages a transmedia approach to storytelling, combining the physical book or audio book, with VR / AR and the use of space.

Harry Roberts‘ Front-end Performance

29th November 2017

Performance is big business. Every case study out there tells us that users hate slow experiences, and that faster experiences generate more conversions: more conversions means more money.