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About Me

I am a co-founder of INEVITABLE, an award-winning AI start-up company based in Manchester, and I personally have a deep passion for technology, community, and craft beer.

Having graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University with a first-class honours degree in Computer Science in 2019, I have continued to learn a wide range of advanced digital and cyber skills and have built connections throughout the projects, hackathons ( Polywork Highlight), communities ( Polywork Highlight), and extracurricular activities that I have both participated in and organised.

I have been well known within the Manchester Tech Scene since 2016, when I both started University and started attending events, due to having attended over 400 networking events and 27 hackathons, consulting many organisers on venues, speakers, optimum dates, and more for their events, and also for initiating the CompliedMCR project in 2017, an open-source tool maintained by INEVITABLE that was made to be used by the community.

I have also found myself in a quite respected position due to those factors and being an organiser or key member of hundreds to thousands of people/company programmes, accelerator, incubators, communities, and hackathons within Greater Manchester.

These positions range from INEVITABLE being a key ally in the success of programmes such as the Greater Manchester AI Foundry, a £3M ERDF-funded programme, to being an organiser of community groups such as CodeWith, CodeUp, Silicon DrinkAbouts, Manchester Web Meetup, to helping organise hackathons such as ManMetHacks, MLH days and running the Computing Society at MMU.

Beyond these technology-based skills and connections, I have also built a similar portfolio in the beer world; I have worked at 13 beer festivals so far ( Polywork Highlight), checked in 3,000+ beers on Untappd, hold several official roles in CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, and participate in plenty of other beer-based groups.

So far with CAMRA, I hold the roles of Regional Young Members Coordinator for Greater Manchester, Social Media Coordinator for “ Pubs. Pints. People.” (their official podcast), Brewery Liason Officer (BLO) for Temperance Street Brewery, and Surveyor for the CAMRA Good Beer Guide.