About Sean (he/him)

Being a co-founder of INEVITABLE, graduating in Computer Science with a First-Class Honours, and having more titles than Daenerys Targaryen, Sean O'Mahoney is quite an interesting character.

The interesting part of his life started in 2016, when he started his Computer Science degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. During the first few weeks of starting his student experience, he started getting involved with the Computing Society and, subsequently, attending technology networking events and, later on, hackathons.

Over the three years of his Computer Science degree, he went on to have eight formal roles within the university, including "Chair of the Computing Society", worked a variety of student jobs between those, and was accepted or shortlisted for four awards from the university Students' Union until his graduation in 2019.

Then, outside of university, he continued to go on to attend over three hundred networking events, attend or assist at over a couple dozen hackathons, and embed himself within the core of the Manchester Technology Community. The latter of which is being assisted by sharing his knowledge with the community organizers from the events he has attended, volunteering at groups such as CodeUp/CodeWith, Endhomelessness, and Silicon Drinkabouts, and developing the beginnings of CompiledMCR while being a second year student.

There is more to come, including my co-founding of INEVITABLE, involvement with CAMRA and other beer festivals, and other such backlinks, but for the time being you can view my Polyworks profile to see a summary of my past activities and collections.