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Development - MobileNet in NodeJS (Backend)
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Technology AI TensorFlow NodeJS
The origin of this blog post started when I wanted to be able to classify images on a backend server as a learning exercise.
[Hackathon #11] - BCS Hackathon 2019
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Technology Hackathon Twilio
Coming Soon
[Hackathon #10] - Free Your Mind, with Code Nation and EMIS Health
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Technology Hackathon Watson
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My Experience with Static SSR
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Technology SSR NodeJS
Recently I have been creating websites in a statically generated way on a server, this being referred to as Static SSR (Server Side Rendering), where a server essentially generates HTML files based on code written, then those files are served to the user.
Google Hash Code 2019
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Technology Hackathon Data
This years challenge was based on images and producing the most interesting slideshow, essentially we would be given files with theoretical images (horizontal and vertical) and we would have to pair slides based on the tags that the photos contained.
Hack Jam - Storytellers United
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Technology Hackathon Creative
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Challenge - Creative Data Lab
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Technology Hackathon Creative Research
Discover my experience at a data-related lab event focused on promoting active travel in London. Learn how my team devised a rewards scheme based on case studies.
University - Extra-Curricular Awards
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Technology University Android C++ Maya IoT MATLAB Mainframe Python 3D Printing Stereoscopic Chemiluminscence
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Hackathon Experience: Recreating an IRC-Inspired Chat Application
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Technology Hackathon NodeJS
Read about my experience at the hackathon where we recreated an IRC-inspired chat application, faced various challenges, and leveraged technologies like Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.
Project - IoT Door System
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Technology IoT University
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