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Hack Jam - Storytellers United
·1452 words·7 mins· 0
Technology Hackathon Creative
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Challenge - Creative Data Lab
·1020 words·5 mins· 0
Technology Hackathon Creative Research
Discover my experience at a data-related lab event focused on promoting active travel in London. Learn how my team devised a rewards scheme based on case studies.
University - Extra-Curricular Awards
·1434 words·7 mins· 0
Technology University Android C++ Maya IoT MATLAB Mainframe Python 3D Printing Stereoscopic Chemiluminscence
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Hackathon Experience: Recreating an IRC-Inspired Chat Application
·784 words·4 mins· 0
Technology Hackathon NodeJS
Read about my experience at the hackathon where we recreated an IRC-inspired chat application, faced various challenges, and leveraged technologies like Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.
Project - IoT Door System
·1697 words·8 mins· 0
Technology IoT University
Coming Soon
[Conference #3] - OggCamp 18
·901 words·5 mins· 0
Technology Conference
Coming Soon
Challenge - Village Software Data Quest
·942 words·5 mins· 0
Technology Hackathon Data
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