Join CAMRA and Explore the World of Beer, Cider, and Perry as a University Student

Join CAMRA and Explore the World of Beer, Cider, and Perry as a University Student

Are you a university student interested in beer, cider, or perry and are a committee member of or are considering starting a society? I'm CAMRA's Regional Young Member Coordinator for Greater Manchester, and I'm here to assist you!

My goal is to help young people explore the world of beer and engage with CAMRA. Now, let's address the elephant in the room. CAMRA is often seen as an old man's club, meeting in traditional pubs. While there's some truth to that stereotype, it's not the whole picture. The average CAMRA member is around 60 years old and primarily male, but that's not representative of all members. Without a younger demographic, CAMRA's future is at risk.

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2019 and chaired two societies during my three-year bachelor's degree. I also served as the academic representative for the Societies Council at the Students Union. This experience equips me with knowledge on how Student Unions operate, and I can assist you in creating a society or organizing events for your existing one.

Why am I sharing this? I want to make CAMRA accessible to you without feeling like it's all about taking you to old man's pubs. I'm flexible and open to your preferences, whether it's taproom tours, tasting guides, or lectures on beer and brewing processes. I can arrange and assist with it all.

But why should you consider joining CAMRA? It's simple. If you enjoy beer, cider, or perry, it's a no-brainer. For just £20/year, you can save over £80. You can also volunteer, get reduced entry to over 180 beer festivals per year, and enjoy numerous other perks while becoming part of an amazing community.

Note: The £20/year membership fee applies only to those under 26, which includes most university students. The £80+ a year benefit of having a CAMRA membership is calculated by summing up the £30 Real Ale Vouchers and taking responsible advantage of the Real Ale Discount Scheme, which includes 3,500 participating pubs offering discounts to CAMRA members, often 10% off. If you use this discount twice a week on average, considering a £5 pint, you can save £52 a year.

But what about the pubs participating in the Real Ale Discount Scheme? Are they all old man pubs? Not at all! In fact, I've written a separate blog post covering the "Top 5 Manchester Pubs & Taprooms with CAMRA Member Discounts," specifically from a young person's perspective, considering the general atmosphere of each pub and taproom.

Ready to learn more and reach out? You can contact me on social media or send me an email at

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