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Development - MobileNet in NodeJS (Backend)
·636 words·3 mins· 0
Technology AI TensorFlow NodeJS
The origin of this blog post started when I wanted to be able to classify images on a backend server as a learning exercise.
My Experience with Static SSR
·1572 words·8 mins· 0
Technology SSR NodeJS
Recently I have been creating websites in a statically generated way on a server, this being referred to as Static SSR (Server Side Rendering), where a server essentially generates HTML files based on code written, then those files are served to the user.
Hackathon Experience: Recreating an IRC-Inspired Chat Application
·784 words·4 mins· 0
Technology Hackathon NodeJS
Read about my experience at the hackathon where we recreated an IRC-inspired chat application, faced various challenges, and leveraged technologies like Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.