Computer Science (G401) BSc

Manchester Metropolitan University

Sept' 2016 – Apr' 2019

Programming: 95%
Introduction to Web Design and Development: 82%
Computer Systems Fundamentals: 72%
Information Systems: 68%

First Year Results (79%)

Advanced Programming: 100%
Algorithms and Data Structures: 87%
Computer Networks and Operating Systems: 73%
Professional Development: 60%

Second Year Results (80%)

At my time at MMU I have ran both the Computing & Photography Society, as well as been the Societies Council Academic Rep, examples of what I have done can be seen in the rest of my portfolio.

Committee Member of the Year - Shortlisted 2018

The Union / Society Roles (3)

I have also had other roles at the University not directly connected to the Union and other faculties instead (mainly my own), all revolving around leadship roles, those were the following:

"Peer Mentor": Sept' 2017
"2nd Year CompSci Rep"
"Workshop Lead"

Other Roles (3)

To gain this award you needed to take part in at least 30hrs worth of activities, 10 of which had to be outside your discipline.

I attended over 100 hours spanning different fields over my years at University, which I will write a blog post covering.

Extra-Curricular Awards Activities

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT
Software Development (QCF): D*D*D*
First Language English (Cambridge): C

Pendleton Sixth Form Centre (Edexcel)

Oct' 2014 – June 2016

BTEC ICT Level 2 Diploma: Distinction*

Southport College (Edexcel)

Sept' 2013 – June 2014

ICT Level 2 (OCR): Pass
Mathematics’ A (OCR): B
Art & Design: (OCR): C
Photography (OCR): C
Home Economics (WJEC): D

Pontville School (GCSEs)

Sept' 2008 – July 2013


Due to attending many Networking Events based in Manchester (60-70 in 2017), I am developing this project which collects the groups from the RESTful Meetup API, displaying them along with their events (amongst other functionality).

Manchester Tech Meetups

Dec' 2017 – Ongoing

One of the assignments given in my final year is an Internet of Things system, usually being pieced together via the labs, but I decided to take it further and write up my thoughts in a blog post linked in the title.

IoT Door System

5th Nov' 2018 - Ongoing

I created this website in jekyll to both host any useful links that members / students might find useful from my own experience, but also to make it easy for other to contribute to it (also hosting a workshop on jekyll).

MMU Computing Society Website

17th Sept' 2018 - Ongoing

I was approached by a PhD student who was forwarded to me to complete a project, where I had a deadline of a week to develop this prototype.

Woven Memories

Oct' 2017

I created this site to aid the participation of students in tech events, one of the many reasons for the lack of students at such events is due to intimidation. This is why they can use this site, to find others to attend events they are interested in with.

Manchester Student Tech Attendees

May 2018 – Ongoing

As part of a group project we had to create a Data Warehouse for the FDM Group, we had various meetings to discuss the details, leading to my role of the lead developer, assigning tasks to members, developing the backend and heavily assisting in creating the front-end functionality.

FDM Group Data Warehouse

Nov' 2017 – March 2018

Due to one of my many interests being music, I spend a number of hours looking through Spotify, one day I was inspired by their album type graphics and used CSS Grids to recreate the interface going from mobile to desktop.

Portfolio V3

Nov' 2018

This is the love child between Town of Salem (similar to the Werewolf Game), but with a Computer Science theme, and a Kahoot form of interaction (using Twilio/Texts instead), it was kept to an MVP and only a demo was produced, but won 2nd place at StudentHack VI (in my Hackathons section).


29-30th Apr' 2018

This is an R script I created which can be ran to produce a graph of given users Twitter network, even though it is small it can produce insightful graphs an demonstrates six degrees of separation to a degree.

R Twitter Network

5-9th May 2018

Based on my other project using Meetup Attendees, this shows you the top 50 people that have attended the most Manchester tech events within the past year.

Manchester Tech Attendees Ranked

Oct' 2018

Hackathons / Challanges

Based on a model that merges Air BnB with foster care, the system would match people in need with those who show empathy, ideally before they become homeless.

Manchester Evening News Article | Catherine Heath's Blog Post (Team Member) | Drive Folder

HomelessHack: Stop the Spiral (Winners)

1st-2nd June 2017

In aid with the British Cardiovascular Society, my team created an aim to get people to check their blood pressure, which we presented to the panel backed up with statistics.

Hackathon Site | Twitter Image | Slides

BCS Hackathon (2nd Place)

5-6th June 2018

Cards are not readily available on hand, are cumbersome the more collected and can easily get lost, with TAPIT, we hope to solve that, providing a more convenient and quicker experience.

LinkedIn SlideShare

TravelSpirit Hackout: TAPIT (2nd Place)

17-19th March 2017

What we created was the love child between Town of Salem (similar to the Werewolf Game), but with a Computer Science theme, and a Kahoot form of interaction (using Twilio/Texts instead).

GitHub Solution | Awarding Tweet | Demo (view on Desktop)

StudentHack VI (2nd Place)

29-30th April 2018

My teams project, the Party Parrot Network, where I did the front-end development, was shortlisted for the best in show with three others, essentially it were to work like Twitter, but all text would be converted to Party Parrots.

Network | GitHub Project | Progress Tweet

Hack Manchester 2018 (Shortlisted): #Fallout

27-28th Oct' 2018

Our idea was to make the process of appointments smoother, helping those that might have anxiety calmer and less likely to skip, my role was web development and my blog post will be up shortly.

GitHub Project | YouTube Overview

HackTheNorth 2.0 (Honourable Mention)

23-24th Nov' 2018

Recreating a 90's website in an original way, we decided to recreate Slack as if it were an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) from the 90's (with easter eggs from mIRC), more can be found in my blog post.

SlackChat | Blog Post | GitHub Project | Devpost

GreatUniHack 18

10-11th Nov' 2018

Using open data and social media, TfL challenge us to encourage the public to reconsider their travel options in London and ultimately choose off-peak public transport.

Blog Post

Creative Data Lab: Winner

29th Nov' 2018

We had been challenged to find the 3 most prosperous 10x10 plots of land in a 1000x1000 island, each being rich in a resource thats value changed (which we were given previous values of)

Challenge | Village Blog Post | GitHub Solution | Awarding Photo

Village Software Data Quest: undefined (Persuasion Award)

20th April 2018

I have attended 3 of the previous Lab seasons ran by Future Artists in which we have created VR experiences based on an idea, all of which I will leave links for soon.

VR Labs


Two+Two was a one day event in central Manchester, from 9am until 6pm on Friday 16th February 2018, bringing creative, technical and marketing students together.


Two+Two Collaboration Event

16th February 2018

Over two days a mixture of experienced developers to campaigners and activists who have never coded before collab'ed to create a political game.

Tweet | Game Produced

Games for the Many - Manchester

17th - 18th February 2018

Conferences / Masterclasses

In this Student seminar we learned about designs of websites and how they are influenced, learning how to use CSS Grids to create interesting layouts and recreations of classic formats.


Art Direction for the Web - a Masterclass with Andy Clarke

24th October 2018

This is an open source 'urn-conference' which promotes open source technologies and tools, over the two days it ran it had a main track with scheduled talks, although there were two others for other people to present their talks.

Blog Post | Schedule

OggCamp '18

18th August 2018

BSides Manchester is one of the UK premier technical cybersecurity conferences. It is run under a Community Interest Company (CIC) and is a not for profit company and event.

Website | Talk 1 | Talk 2 | Talk 3 | Talk 4 | Talk 5

BSides Manchester 2018

16th August 2018

During this day event for professionals I attended presentations on how to create Chatbots, use Python for Machine Learning, Visualisation and other aspects of Microsoft's Azure services.

Event Page

SQL Saturday #730

14th July 2018

Over the span of nearly three hours, we were able to learn how to use QGIS to load a map, then visualize data above it, formatting it in anyway we please.

EventBrite | Twitter Progress | Published GitHub Map

GeoTech Masterclass: GeoData Visualisation

21st June 2018

In this day session I learned various ways websites can be optimised to load faster, via browser debugging, HTML tags (e.g. async), images, networks calls and more, still having access to the PowerPoint presented (with 300+ slides).

Tweet of Progress | Tweet

Harry Roberts‘ Front-end Performance

29th November 2017

Workshops Ran

Computing Society

Intro To Git & GitHub (1)

CodeUp Salford | Extra Curricular Awards | Computing Society

Twitter Bot in NodeJS (4)

MMU Workshop Lead | Extra Curricular Awards | Photography Society | Computing Society

Introduction to Photography (4)

MMU Workshop Lead | Extra Curricular Awards | Photography Society | Computing Society

Introduction to Photoshop: Navigation, Shortcuts & Tools (4)

MMU Workshop Lead | Extra Curricular Awards | Photography Society | Computing Society

Introduction to Photoshop: Practial Demonstrations (4)


CodeUp is a monthly session where people go to code, most of the time being beginners or those with questions that I attend to help mentor.

CodeUp Manchester / Salford - Mentor


I attend monthly meetings and take work home to help improve the service. So far I have used my optimisation skills from "Harry Roberts‘ Front-end Performance" to speed up load times and applied new designs through HTML/CSS.


Street Support Network - Web Developer

April 2018 - Ongoing

Local Hack Day is a Global Event ran yearly at the start of December that invites schools to host a 12 hour hack day on campus to celebrate the global hacker community.

2017 Photos | 2018 Photos

MLH Local Hack Day - Photographer

2nd Dec' 2017 | 1st Dec' 2018

I have attended a few events to take images of the volunteers and homeless people they are aiding, these have been used for promotional material to help spread awareness and gain more support, currently they are being used across their website which credit back to me.

Supporting People In Need - Photographer

November 2017