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Hello World and dwellers of Midgard, as you can see, my name is Sean O'Mahoney. I am a 21-year-old passionate Computer Scientist, studying so at Manchester Metropolitan University.

I try and undertake any opportunities offered to me, working on projects, attending events and teaching my knowledge.

Any endorsements on my LinkedIn would be greatly appreciated.


Manchester Metropolitan University

September 2016 – April 2019

Computer Science (G401) BSc: Current

First Year Results (79%)

Programming: 95%

Introduction to Web Design and Development: 82%

Computer Systems Fundamentals: 72%

Information Systems: 68%

Second Year Results (80%)

Advanced Programming: 100%

Algorithms and Data Structures: 87%

Computer Networks and Operating Systems: 73%

Professional Development: 60%

The Union / Societies Roles (3)

Committee Member of the Year - Shortlisted 2018

Socities Council Academic Rep

This role involves taking care of all academic societies at the Union, if they have any issues or queries, as well as deciding on grant applications and society requests (if they apply with restrictions by charities, are not dangerous, use the grant money wisely), then sending over the paperwork over for approval.

Computing Society

With this role, I am in charge of our public and student appearance, liaising with both companies such as Aardvark Swift and also Academics to help host or run/create events, then informing students of such events and what else to be aware of.

Photography Society

As the organiser of the Photography Society, it is my duty to handle any and all paperwork needed to run our events, any health and safety forms needed, or applications for funding. Not only this, but I also am in charge of planning events to run and liaising with connections, running weekly socials, trips or workshops for our members.

Humanity Hallows (Freelance Work for the Official Student Magazine)


The Gin Society Returns to Manchester Cathedral


Manchester Writing: Mary Jean Chan, André Naffis-Sahely and David Shook with Helen Mort

Humanity Hallows Celebrate Launch of Issue 8

Mike Garry Performance

Play Expo 2017 Brings Biggest Ever Gaming Event to Manchester

10 Historic Gems of Manchester

Workshop Lead

I was contacted by a member of the Outreach and Enrichment Team in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities to run a few hour-long introductory workshop sessions, all workshop presentations were made and lead by myself (included in the remuneration).

Other Roles (2)
Peer Mentor

For the first week of University in "Freshers Week", I took a group from my department and ran a variety of activities, being a tour around the campus, and presenting the workshop presentations on my LinkedIn.

2nd Year Computer Science Rep

This role requires me to gather opinions, issues and suggestions from my peers (studying Computer Science in their second year), then have meetings with the staff on what they are, how they can be fixed, and if the issues still exist (or have created new problems).

Extra-Curricular Awards Activities
Year One (7 @ 50hrs)

"Intro to Android Programming": 10 hours
"C++ Programming: Intro": 9 hours
"Building 3D Models": 3 hours
"Web Mapping: Intro": 3 hours
"Internet of Things: Building Smart Environments": 10 hours
"MATLAB® for Scientists & Engineers / Research": 10 hours
"Intro to Node-Red": 5 hours

Year Two (10 @ 53hrs)

"Intro to Mainframe Programming": 5 hours
"Intro to Node-RED": 6 hours
"Internet of Things: Building Smart Devices": 10 hours
"3D Printing Intro": 3 hours
"Creating Stereoscopic 3D Film": 3 hours
"Leadership & Teamwork Training - Army Style": 10 hours
"MATLAB® for Scientists & Engineers / Research": 5 hours
"Python Programming": 3 hours
"Python Matplotlib: Publication Quality Data Plotting": 3 hours
"Adventures in Chemiluminscence": 5 hours

Pendleton Sixth Form Centre (Edexcel)

October 2014 – June 2016

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT Software Development (QCF): D*D*D*
First Language English (Cambridge): C

Southport College (Edexcel)

September 2013 – June 2014

BTEC ICT Level 2 Diploma: Distinction*

Pontville School (GCSEs)

September 2008 – July 2013

ICT Level 2 (OCR): Pass
Mathematics’ A (OCR): B
Art & Design: (OCR): C
Photography (OCR): C
Home Economics (WJEC): D


Here are some of my favourite projects that I have worked on, not necessarily a complete collection of my development work, although a shortlist of those I am proud to showcase that stand alone (not as part of a hackathon, photography work and so on).

Manchester Tech Meetups

December 2017 – Ongoing

Due to attending many Networking Events based in Manchester (60-70 in 2017), I am developing this project which collects the groups from the RESTful Meetup API, displaying them along with their events (amongst other functionality).

Woven Memories

October 2017

I was approached by a PhD student who was forwarded to me to complete a project, where I had a deadline of a week to develop this prototype.


29-30th April 2018

This is the love child between Town of Salem (similar to the Werewolf Game), but with a Computer Science theme, and a Kahoot form of interaction (using Twilio/Texts instead), it was kept to an MVP and only a demo was produced, but won 2nd place at StudentHack VI (in my Hackathons section).

R Twitter Network

5-9th May 2018

This is an R script I created which can be ran to produce a graph of given users Twitter network, even though it is small it can produce insightful graphs an demonstrates six degrees of separation to a degree.

Other Small Projects

Here are other projects I have worked on, mostly for pleasure and out of boredom with little time spent on each, although are still pieces of my work that I can showcase.

Calculate Your Muchines

2nd December 2017

During my Voluntary time at the MLH Local Hack Day, I decided to create this small (vanilla JS) Web App to amuse Craig Dean (Chief Executive of Web Applications UK) after Sophie Ashcroft's joke idea, purly for satiric purposes.

Life Expectancy Bar

3rd April 2018

After creating my "Year Progress Bar", a follow that followed the progess of it stated I "need to make this but with the average life expectancy so you can see how the percentage of your lifetime ticks away", which is what I created.

Year Progress Bar

2nd April 2018

This was created after programming a way to return how far in the year it is (eventually within one line), then producing a progress bar which the Twitter account @ProgressBar201X has (which I have cloned with @YearProgress_)

Hackathons / Challenges


HomelessHack: Stop the Spiral (Winners)

1st-2nd June 2017

Based on a model that merges Air BnB with foster care, the system would match people in need with those who show empathy, ideally before they become homeless.

Manchester Evening News Article | Catherine Heath's Blog Post (Team Member) | Drive Folder

BCS Hackathon (2nd Place)

5-6th June 2018

NHS England are keen to support innovation across the healthcare system. Through the BCS Hackathon, there was a real opportunity to secure transformation and improved patient outcomes.

Hackathon Site | Tweeter Image | Slides

StudentHack VI (2nd Place)

29-30th April 2018

What we created was the love child between Town of Salem (similar to the Werewolf Game), but with a Computer Science theme, and a Kahoot form of interaction (using Twilio/Texts instead), it was kept to an MVP and only a demo was produced, but won us 2nd place.

GitHub Solution | Awarding Tweet | Demo (view on Desktop)

TravelSpirit Hackout: TAPIT (2nd)

17-19th March 2017

Cards are not readily available on hand, are cumbersome the more collected and can easily get lost, with TAPIT, we hope to solve that, providing a more convenient and quicker experience.

LinkedIn SlideShare


Challenges, unlike hackathons, have more of a defined problem to solve, usually over a shorter time period, but also have winners.

Village Software Data Quest: undefined (Persuasion Award)

20th April 2018

We had been challenged to find the 3 most prosperous 10x10 plots of land in a 1000x1000 island, each being rich in a resource thats value changed (which we were given previous values of)

Challenge | Village Software Blog Post | GitHub Solution | Awarding Tweet Photo

Google Hash Code

1st March 2018

Hash Code is a team programming competition organized by Google for students and industry professionals across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. You pick your team and programming language, we pick a Google engineering problem for you to solve.



MLH Local Hack Day (Volunteer)

2nd December 2017

Local Hack Day is a Global Event on Dec 2nd 2017 that invites schools to host a 12 hour hack day on campus to celebrate the global hacker community. I helped with the social media, photography and tutoring (if anyone had any coding issues).

Twitter Account

GreatUniHack 2017 (Volunteer)

11th November 2017

Due to the fact I have many connections at my University, I helped promote this hackathon and roamed around teams on the day, trying to provide support for a period of time on the Saturday of development.


VR Labs

These are all labs ran by Mark Ashmore, founder of Future Artists

Future Artists - VR Arts Lab 2: Pink RaVE

17th - 19th November 2017

Production groups will either make a game, or create a piece of virtual reality cinema – using parts of the book, Ready Player One, as inspiration to create their own narratives. The lab also encourages a transmedia approach to storytelling, combining the physical book or audio book, with VR / AR and the use of space.

Future Artists - VR Arts Lab 3: Rosalind Franklin

23rd - 25th February 2018

Elon Musk has theoretically requested that their be a museum or exhibition space on the planet that best reflects the achievements of Human Beings, an inspirational and educational space, which uses entertainment and documentary combined to inform and entertain, and that this museum or exhibition space, must be virtual!

Equipment Brought
Video Produced


I have left this section for other events that have included Teamwork to come up with a solution/idea/game, but do not fit within the category of a Hackathon or Challange.

Two+Two Collaboration Event

16th February 2018

Two+Two was a one day event in central Manchester, from 9am until 6pm on Friday 16th February 2018, bringing creative, technical and marketing students together.


Games for the Many - Manchester

17th - 18th February 2018

Over two days a mixture of experienced developers to campaigners and activists who have never coded before collab'ed to create a political game

Game Produced

Workshops / Masterclasses Attended

SQL Saturday #730

14th July 2018

During this day event for professionals I attended presentations on how to create Chatbots, use Python for Machine Learning, Visualisation and other aspects of Microsoft's Azure services.

Event Page

GeoTech Masterclass: GeoData Visualisation

21st June 2018

Over the span of nearly three hours, we were able to learn how to use QGIS to load a map, then visualize data above it, formatting it in anyway we please.

EventBrite | Tweeter Progress | Published GitHub Map

Harry Roberts‘ Front-end Performance

29th November 2017

In this day session I learned various ways websites can be optimised to load faster, via browser debugging, HTML tags (e.g. async), images, networks calls and more, still having access to the PowerPoint presented (with 300+ slides).

Tweet of Progress | Tweet

Workshops Ran

All references needed to validate the running of workshops can be found in the references sections, if not already linked below the workshop title.


  • Dr Lindsey J. Munro - MMU Site (Extra Curriclar Awards)
  • Lisa Bach - LinkedIn (for MMU Workshop Lead)